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5 Wedding Trends We Love for 2022

by Priya Pappu |

The holidays are in the books, and you’ve finally gotten rid of all the confetti and glitter in the house, which can only mean one thing – Wedding Season is upon us. And this year, more than ever, we can’t wait for it to get here. 

Wedding trends have always been one of our favorite things to watch, and in many ways they drive fashion as much as they are shaped by it. Too often the focus is on the wedding dress, but that’s only half the story! Everyone wants to feel their best on their wedding day.

Today we thought it'd be fun to share 5 of our favorite wedding trends for 2022. 


1. Patterns Are Like Cocktails – They Are Meant To Be Mixed

Mixing patterns is nothing new, but historically it was often thought to be brave or risky. If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that there are no dress rehearsals - so shake the fear and take the risk! We’re loving the bold fashion statements we're seeing from grooms + the wedding party surrounding them; contrasting colors, a floral tie with a plaid jacket, or a strong statement piece against a solid suit are all trends we love to see at weddings this year!

The key to pulling off a mixed pattern or contrasting color palette is to anchor the look with a strong through line. Like Art did here – the multiple floral pieces are made cohesive through their use of the colors cream + yellow. Together they play well against the strong, foundational rich blue tone his jacket provides, making this look both comforting and familiar. 

Nick wears the Chevy bow & the Ardor pocket.

2. Don’t Underestimate The Simple Classics – We’re Looking At You Louis Armstrong

While never going away completely, we are seeing a steep decline in the big, loud, extravagant weddings. It doesn’t mean they’re any less special, it just means that we’ll see more wedding looks relying on simple classic pieces to tell the story. 

Nothing says “wedding classic” like the bow tie, and we’ll also see more wedding parties in unconstructed jackets or no jacket at all. They’ll rely on a bow tie to bring a sense of elevated formality to their important day, while remaining true to what attracted them to each other. You know, they’re defining them. 

Nick is kicking back and having one last cocktail before saying “yes” to the love of his life, and his relaxed energy can be felt. Opting for a gray chambray shirt and dark dress pants lets his real style shine through, with a bold pink bow and floral pocket square. This look is not only simple and sophisticated, but timeless. No doubt he’ll be spotted with those sleeves rolled up on the dance floor before the night is through.

Abe wears the August tie and the Adieu pocket.

3. Switzerland Was Right – Staying Neutral Is Appealing

Outdoor wedding venues continue to grow in popularity. We love the idea of parks, public spaces and locations significant to the couple becoming the desired spot to say, “I do”. With this trend, we’ll see more couples opt for a better way to complement their surroundings – enter the rich tonalities of comforting navy, warm browns and tans, off white and soft pinks. The classic black tux isn’t going away, it’s just taking a back seat for when the timing is right. 

Neutral palettes don’t mean boring! They looks great on everyone and can be mixed and matched with ease. Abe is modeling the perfect example of how neutrals come together to deliver cohesive and fun approachable style. Their navy suit provides the foundation needed to let the soft rose pink shirt and cream tie sing. A pop of color in the pocket and a soft nod to the overall approach on their lapel completes the look without feeling fussy. And because the styling is grounded in a classic color palette, the tie can be playful and lighthearted without feeling silly.

Amir wears the Broadway bow, his groomsmen wear the Ily bow

4. Clean Lines That Stop Time

When Amir asked us to help dress his wedding party we were thrilled! He’s a fan of the brand and us of him. His love of life is palpable and to play a small part in his special day was truly an honor. We were also thrilled to learn the direction Amir and Kylie wanted to take with their groomsmen. 

Taking their cues from the natural surroundings of the ceremony (which can we say is simply stunning) they opted for deep, rich jewel tones. The modern tailored suits were ideal to keeping it simple yet stunning. The groomsmen wore an Ily bow to pull in the rich wine tones while Amir wore Broadway, a bow tie that was a little more complex and fun . . . like him. 

The end result was a look that was modern and sophisticated and most importantly, timeless. Fast forward years from now and we bet their kids will have a hard time making fun of the wedding photos, this couple just looked too good.

Ron wears the March bow & the Fleur pocket.

5. The Freedom to Be Yourself

Gone are the Boho weddings (we quietly thank the gods) but their carefree and self-defining spirit remains (something we can certainly get behind). And while many are calling 2022 the year of the Hipster Wedding - we simply are calling it the year to bring your full self and self-expression front and center. Because after all, you may have heard us say: only you can define you. 

And while this trend is anchored in personal choice, its feet are firmly planted on dapper accessories. Think suspenders, hats, statement glasses and pant legs just short enough to flash those socks you so lovingly thought about. This may be one of our favorite trends, because it truly is about being comfortable with yourself and sharing your magic with others. 

Take Ron as an example here! Each element is on point by itself, but together they sing. The color palette is neutral with small pops of color that repeat across each accessory. The golden yellow at the base of his pocket and bow is repeated on the tip of the plume adorning that brilliant merlot rabbit fur hat, & on the bottom of his larger than necessary but perfectly appropriate eyeglasses. The carefree confidence gained from a solid statement beard is offset by the classic structure of a single rose in his lapel – also in a soft golden yellow/cream. We’re dying to know who is waiting for him at the end of the aisle.

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BONUS #6. Functional Favors

Wedding favors are a tricky subject to broach, but many couples are opting for the simple and functional over the bric-a-brac that will inevitably end up in the back of a drawer. Why not gift your guests with something they're sure to appreciate? If we've said it once, we've said it a million times - everyone loves a candle! 

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