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Timeless Style Meets Modern Sensibility

These aren't your father's ties, although he may want to borrow one. We've taken everything to love about classic accessories and given them a fresh modern appeal.

Designed To Be As Unique As You Are

We only produce small, handcrafted, limited runs. Yes it's more work, but we found conforming to be exhausting.

Crafted For Dapper Humans Everywhere

The world isn't binary so why should clothing be? We are rethinking, resizing and recreating accessories with the dapper human in mind.

Sustainable Practices From Product To Packaging

From responsibly sourced materials to 100% recyclable packaging our commitment to ethical sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Handcrafted Quality Created By American Artisans

Our apparel and candles are handcrafted and hand poured in the United States because we believe it matters.