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You Are A ReSilient Symphony

Each moment in life A note in a symphony Perfectly composed  Inspiration comes in many forms, and with each new spark, a unique and brilliant addition of the tapestry is woven together. For us, putting together a collection is a combination of all the things that we find inspiring at the moment – color trends that require us to stop and take note, a painting or performance that encourages more questions than answers, and a well crafted song that seems to take its time to develop as it meanders through a cathartic combination of chords and key changes If you’ve followed the brand for any length of time, you’re aware that we like to bring our own tapestry of inspiration to the table with each new capsule.  While we love the products we produce and strive to make them stand alone, nothing really is meant to stand alone is it? At least we hope not. After all, it's the power of community and love that elevates the things we hold most dear.  For us, a new capsule should be no different.  That means a cumulation of the perfect fabrics, storytelling worth reading (even if you’re not in the market for a new tie), a cocktail list perfect for pre-gaming your next night out, and a playlist that is happy to be in the background but refuses to stay there. If you saw our Behind the Scenes post you know this ReSilience Capsule isn’t meant to inspire but instead to encourage. That’s because we believe the beauty of being resilient starts within, but gains its real strength when fanned by the people we surround ourselves with.  It’s that friend who encourages you to wear something your inner child may not be ready for but the world is. It is that quiet assurance that you can always go home and fill your soul with impactful love. It's the responsibility to turn around and turn it up for someone else. Now, we know that it is hard to wrap all of this up in a playlist, but damn it we’re determined to try!  Thankfully we aren’t alone in this endeavor. We have friends of the brand who are more steeped in a beautiful array of notes and beats than we are. And their love of storytelling transcends a catchy hit in exchange for something a little deeper, something more visceral, and, lucky for us, something more interesting to listen to.   At first listen, you may find this playlist pretty chill, and if you do . . . good. That was our goal. Our focus was to give you something that would lure you in. We hope that on a second or third listen, you’re moved to dig a little deeper and go on the lyrical journey.  This is a journey to remind you that love will catch you;  …that even when you don’t feel it, you are a gift from above and your light isn’t yours to keep but to share;  …that just because a love wasn’t forever doesn’t mean it was any less or didn’t change you – in fact, they may deserve a phone call just to tell them that dress looked nice on them and always will;  …that it feels pretty amazing to love your new self-esteem, like the one you had at seventeen;  …that magic as brilliant as yours arrives all in good time and is never late;  …and that no one stays the same and change is a thing you can count on.  With that, this playlist is now yours.  We hope you find at least one song to remind you just how resilient and perfect you are. May it bring you joy. . . and if it does, share it with someone you love because happiness and empowerment is contagious, and we’re here for that!