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A Cut Above: Nfocus Feature

by Priya Pappu |


We should probably take a minute to formally introduce you to our Founder + Chief Proprietor, Christopher. 

Christopher took his lifelong love of classic men’s accessories (if you don’t believe us - we can show you his 7th Grade school photo where he’s wearing a Bolo tie & holding a fedora) & used it as inspiration for launching Clifton+Leopold in May 2020. 

We were absolutely thrilled that Christopher was featured in the March issue of Nfocus magazine as one of “Six Local Fashion Designers Making Nashville Look Good.”

We are also incredibly honored to be in the company of such talented designers. Be sure to check out our fellow honorees: Laura Citron, Manuel Cuevas, Eric Adler Bornhop, Andrew Clancey, and Van Hoang. 

We have to include the extremely kind introduction by Jonathan Sims here, because it made us blush. Thank you, Jonathan!


Christopher Lester may be a new name in the world of fashion, but he’s already claiming his seat at the table of Nashville’s great designers. The Cincinnati native started accessories label Clifton + Leopold after years of ruminating on and working toward a dream of creating his own line of textiles. He put in his time in other industries — costume production, marketing, sales, retail — and got a degree in marketing and organizational communications. Each new adventure added more threads to the tapestry of skills needed to start and succeed in the fashion industry.

With this eclectic experience and knowledge and a philosophy of style influenced by ’80s pop musicians, Christopher is now using a cerebral approach to fashion to create ties, bow ties, pocket squares, kerchiefs and twilly scarves that are helping Nashville’s dapper residents express themselves in new ways. Christopher talks about his influences, design philosophy and starting a new brand during the pandemic.


Grab a copy on stands today to read the full feature, or view it online here.

A huge thank you to Jonathan Sims, Daniel Meigs, Holly Hoffman, and the entire Nfocus team! 


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