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Re-Discover Spring 2023: Behind the Seams

by Priya Pappu |

Delivering a Spring + Summer Collection is a favorite of Team Clifton+Leopold. From the start, we wanted the brand to harken a feeling of exhilarating boldness, where color and patterns tell the story of a person living their best life. Nothing draws on that excitement quite like spring and summer. 

The world is awash in colors, scents, and energy that are both familiar and brand-new at the same time. Each year we gain another opportunity to Re-Discover the joy of being alive and telling a story that is uniquely our own. 

The fashion world is having a similar moment. With colors and patterns drawn from previous decades (think late 70’s + early 80’s), things feel familiar, but are paired and imparted with a new boldness that only our current environment could generate.

Perhaps Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, said it best:

“As we anticipate our future, we are embracing the freedom to colorfully express our individuality without constraint. Experiencing a creative liberation that transgresses previous norms, we are adapting and inventing novel pairings and contrasting harmonies.”

Early in our 2023 strategy sessions, we kept arriving at a similar concept. We loved the idea of “everything old is new again”, but believed there was a larger and more exhilarating theme lying just a bit deeper. A theme of Re-Discovery. For all of us, the thought of re-discovering ourselves and the things we’ve loved but have forgotten was powerful. 

So, this season we’re committed to bringing the theme of Re-Discovery to life in a way that is quintessentially Clifton+Leopold. Together we’ll take a journey across the globe, bringing you classic pieces with a modern twist. Utilizing a color palette with deep roots in the past, through a new and refreshing eye for design. All wrapped up in some pretty fun surprises and a fresh new take. 

To start, we’re excited about how we’ll release this collection. Traditionally we drop a full capsule all at once, however, you know we love a theme. The more we talked through it, it became clear that the act of Re-Discovery takes time. So, we’re going to do just that . . . this season we’ll take the complete spring + summer to release our Re-Discover Collection. That’s six months of new products, along with delish cocktails, a playlist or two, and storytelling with a global perspective. 

Along the way, we hope you find several pieces you love. We also hope you take some time to have a little fun, get out and peacock a bit, do something you haven’t done in years, or simply reach out to an old friend and laugh about that perfect moment you seemed to have forgotten. At the heart of it all, we hope you Re-Discover all the things that are uniquely you, that touch of magic that only you can bring to the world, and the joy of seeing yourself through the eyes of those who love you. 



- Christopher

Founder + Chief Proprietor

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