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Behind the Seams: Shine Bright Holiday Capsule

by Priya Pappu |

By now we hope you've gotten acquainted with the vibrant pieces that make up our Shine Bright Holiday Capsule. Nine completely new products that represent the light of the holiday season, and remind you spread your glow throughout the festivities and blaze boldly into the year ahead. 

Our Spring collection, Re-emergence, was anchored in the idea of stepping into the new. This Shine Bright collection is all about looking back and reshaping.

We worked with a team of experts to rethink classics and make them our own. We pulled back and leaned heavily into solids, historic cuts, and rich traditional fabrics.

Today we wanted to break down a more in depth look into the key inspirations behind our Shine Bright Holiday Capsule.

1. Shine Bright Like a Diamond (or Citrine)

The holiday season is, above all, about shining bright - and what better way to do that than in head to toe jewel tones? We can't get enough of Sapphire blue, Emerald green, Ruby red, Citrine yellow and their sparkly friends; in fact if the color has a jewel in its' name, we'd like it included in our outfit immediately! Any of these dynamic, saturated, hues are sure to establish that are you living your best life with opulence. Citrine yellow takes center stage in our holiday capsule, both our on Glow silk scarf, and our Illuminate pocket. We guarantee either piece will have you shining bright like a diamond! 

2. Put a Velvet Bow on it 

Because of its unusual softness and appearance, as well as its high cost of production, velvet has often been associated with nobility. In fact, King Richard II of England directed in his will that his body should be clothed in velveto in 1399. We've been quoted as saying "Don't be afraid to be too much", so we wholeheartedly endorse his request! By the 1980's, you didn't have to be a royal to be swathed in crushed velvet; and in the last several years, every version of velvet has reappeared in our lives in a big way. We adore this luxe fabric because it has the power to turn any staple into a statement. Nothing says "holiday season" quite like a flash of shimmery, plush velvet! Looking for a gateway into the trend? Look no further than our Shimmer bow or our Luz headband. If you're not a rookie, pair either (or both!) of these touches of velvet with - you guessed it - more velvet! Try a velvet blazer or trousers (or both) because it's the holidays, and more is truly more. No one will be able to keep their hands off of you! 

3. Party Like it's 1975

Take one look at a runway, magazine, or even the people around you next time you go out, and you'll be reminded that anything popular in the 1970's is currently on trend. This spills over into hairstyles and home decor as well, but let's focus on the fashion for a minute. The 70's are especially dear to us as a brand since our founder, Christopher, was born in the 70's (and brought home to a sunken living room!) In fact, all of the stories for our Shine Bright Capsule pieces take place in 1970's New York City. Keeping with the times, every item is as on trend today as it would have been in 1975. Take for example, the Blaze bow -  this oversized black satin bow is straight out of the Studio 54 playbook. Another shout-out goes to the Ignite pocket - because if the decade had a theme color, it might be maroon! We'd like to make a formal petition to incorporate more of this bright & joyful decade into our lives...but maybe hold the shag carpet. 

4. How the West Was Won

After spotting a Formal String Tie in a fashion forward Subaru commercial and multiple times on the iconic Janelle Monáe, it was clear to us that these Western accents weren't just for cowboys anymore. Western String Ties (also called Shoestring Neckties), or their common cousin, the Bolo tie, trace their roots to the Hopi and Navajo indigenous peoples. Once declared "the official neckwear of Arizona" in 1971, string ties are now a mainstream fashion statement, and a fresh alternative to a standard tie. You know we love a classic tie, but it's important to keep your public on their toes!  Whether you're ready to hit the old dusty trail, or just a casual get-together, consider our Kindle or Stella string tie as an ultramodern take on your typical holiday party accessories this season. We made them in crimson (Stella - velvet, because see #2) and navy (Kindle - satin). We couldn't decide, and you don't have to either!

5. Dapper For the Whole Family 

Our key objective at Clifton+Leopold is to create beautiful wares for dapper humans everywhere - but we recently realized there was a gap in our line - the dapper little ones! No doubt the younger set in your life has observed your style & wondered when it would be accessible to them. Well, the wait is over! We are so excited to release our first ever product designed specifically for children - the Believe bow - because you gotta start 'em young! While our furry and equally important members of the family didn't verbally request a holiday accessory, it's true that a kerchief takes a good girl into the fanciest girl on the block. Our Dear kerchiefs are made in two sizes, so whether you have a pit bull or a chihuahua, they're bound to turn heads in the city or at the park. And if you're still feeling like the Shine Bright Capsule is leaving someone off your list - enter the Flicker Travel Candle set. Four mini but mighty candles in each one of our signature scents - One, Deux, Tres, & Tèssera. 


We hope you enjoyed this Behind the Seams look at our Shine Bright holiday capsule! Tag us in your holiday looks this season by using #ShineBrightCL and we'll see you there! 

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