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#HowTheyDoDapper: Amir Pappu

by Priya Pappu |

Amir wears the Broadway bow.

Amir wears the Timshel bow.

Everyone, meet Amir! Amir is one of our most favorite humans - we have found that he is the best and most agreeable sidekick for doing literally anything, with a heart of gold to match. And we can only very enthusiastically support his love of bow ties!

Amir is happy to go from bow and slacks in the work place to a jersey and muddy cleats for the soccer pitch, and in the same breath as he defends the merits of All Too Well being Taylor's masterpiece, delve deep into some principle pioneered by Malcolm Gladwell. We love him for it! 

Read on to learn about what makes this swing-dancing, outdoor-loving, Steph Curry stanning fella feel dapper. 


Name:  Amir Pappu, He, His, Him
Find them looking dapper in:  Santa Clara, CA 
Tell us a little bit about the story you're writing in your Clifton + Leopold? 
Like a dash of Allspice in my morning coffee, ties and bows are an opportunity to interject a bit of vibrancy into everyday life. Why not sprinkle splendor into routine whenever you can?
Complete this sentence. I love the C + L ____________ because _____________ . 
I love the C + L Broadway bow became it draws just the right amount of attention anywhere I go.
What is atop your C + L wishlist? 
I love the Delphi pattern, wish it came in a tie or bow! [We will take this into consideration!] Or The Julep Bow!
It's a Saturday! What are you doing? 
My ideal Saturday starts early in the ocean or mountains, has some friends or books (or both!) mixed in, and plenty of good coffee and food throughout. 
Your Ultimate Dapper Icon:
Steph Curry. His collaboration with Express dashed any insecurity I had about aspiring to be fashionable and athletic.
It's quitting time on any given day. What are you sipping on? 
Hell or High Watermelon [beer by 21st Amendment Brewery]: its summer in a glass, and brewed in SF! 
A dance party is not complete without: 
Old Taylor [Swift]! Or Dancing in the Moonlight because I love to swing!
Tell us, Amir, what makes you feel dapper? 
To me, dapper lives in the periphery. Anyone can spend too much money on a suit, but when I have a sweet pair of socks, a well coordinated tie, and a fun story to tell, I know I’m where I want to be.
Where can we find you on the internet? Instagram: @amirpappu7


Thanks again, Amir! This has to be the first time we've seen Birkenstocks paired with a bow, and, we don't hate it. We're going to try that Allspice in the coffee thing as well! 
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