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Re-Emergence Mix

by Priya Pappu |

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May 1st marked the one year anniversary of Clifton+Leopold, and the launch of our Spring capsule, Re-Emergence. And if the resounding warm welcome for the collection means anything, you all are ready for a Re-Emergence.

With that, we present a potential soundtrack.

A note from our playlist guru, the brains behind most of the spectacular playlists we've shared (hey - follow us on Spotify!)

"All but three of the pieces are brand new, which means most everything you hear was created during the pandemic. The three that aren’t new are less than a year old, so they’re not that far from it. The translation for some of the Spanish language songs are quite beautiful and worth looking up. Especially “Ahora” and the José González piece."

This playlist is about reconnecting, seeing the ones we haven’t in a while, and opening our space back up to the joy we’ve been missing. It's perfectly paced for a little road trip with friends, and the global approach is on purpose; because we’ve been reminded how small the world really is, and how we can’t wait to see it again.

That said, it is yours for whatever the coming months bring. Our one request is -  don’t make it your housecleaning soundtrack  - unless you’re cleaning up for those aforementioned ones you love. 

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