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ReSilience Spring 2024

by Priya Pappu |

Forever Striving

What blocks my path, I’ll knock down

Stronger than you think



We are thrilled to introduce our 2024 Spring/Summer collection. Unlike prior collections that were meant to inspire you, this one is meant to encourage you.

Fashion can be fun, celebratory, and playful…but it can also be a deep form of self-expression, a powerful statement, and an act of rebellion against the challenges and struggles of life. As this collection came together, the themes of exploration, strength, boldness, and confidence quickly started to surface. From straight unbendable lines to oversized floral patterns dancing carelessly; to colors that feel empowering, relentless, and unapologetic; to the visual balance of undiscovered strength and exploration offset by quiet confidence, this collection speaks to the resilience inside of every human…your power to shine, to strive, to win, and to begin again.

This year the entire fashion world is leaning in hard to color, and we are no different. We’re here to encourage you to wear something you might not see yourself in, something that will say ‘hello’ before you fully arrive in the room. If that causes you pause, that's ok. Just don’t let it stop you! A little color may be just what the world around you needs—and who better to give it to them than you?

We also think you’ll find this collection our most diverse. In it you’ll find classic plaids (we know, we were surprised as well), structured geometrics, and of course, our signature florals. But even the florals feel different—more self-aware and forward, larger in scale, in a way that makes each piece more unique than the one sewn before it. And through it all, there is a sense of strength and determination that reminds us all to keep pushing.

We hope this collection encourages you to pause, take a moment of self-realization, and own the beauty of your own strength. In keeping with the feeling of the collection, each piece tells a story not about someone else, but about YOU. Written in the first person and in the form of a haiku, each item’s story is meant to be a mantra for you…one you can take, claim, and make your own.

Finally, our focus is always to share pieces we love in the hopes that it helps you create a more beautiful existence. You're powerful, and although life presents challenges, you are navigating them like a champ. We are proud of you and hope you feel that same sense of pride when you look at yourself in the mirror, or watch your kids play, or catch a glimpse of how your dog admires you when you walk through the door. Keep pushing because your story is still incomplete, and filling in the blanks is the beauty. The canvas you're creting is uniquely yours, and only you can define what it looks like.


Team Clifton+Leopold



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