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Tell Them The Sun Sent Me

by Priya Pappu |

We are lovers of a good Playlist, and from your feedback so are you.

From the start, the second or third question that always comes up as we work through the strategy of a new capsule is - oh . . . what’s our playlist angle?

This season we wanted to shake it up a bit. In fact, it took us a minute to decide the direction of the actual playlist but how we would deliver it was quick to come to us. I mean, when we started talking about the best playlists in our lives one theme ran through all of them - playlists someone we cared about created for us as an old school mixtape.

We’re lovers of technology, but you have to admit nothing is as wonderful as having an old cassette tape clearly recorded over several times handed to you or made by your own hands.

So, our goal was to Re-Discover that joy.

Also lovers of late night dance parties in hot, overcrowded clubs we thought it fun to rediscover the “go all night” energy our younger selves seemed to serve up in droves. So, we reached out to a friend of the brand and DJ extraordinaire, DJ Aizlynn, to see if she was willing to pull out some vinyl and create us a little music love.

We purposely left the direction open ended because after all it was her unapologetic love of deep house base and lyrics that move ya that we were after.

The result is brilliant. A 63-minute journey where a deep beat serves as the gasoline and inspirational lyrics as wind in the hair.

When asked about her process DJ Aizlynn had this to say “When Team C+L came to me with the idea of Re-Discover I took it to heart. I began an inner journey reflecting on my own musical process over the last 26 years as a DJ. Spring always reminds me of the sun's return and the life it brings with it. I wanted to weave the themes of renewal, rediscovery, vitality, and fun into this mix - Tell Them The Sun Sent Me. It is meant to enliven, inspire, and reflect . . . I hope you enjoy.”

And with that we were off. DJ Aizlynn went full force spinning into a custom vinyl mix of over 13 of her favorites and we went full force on the mixtape front.

So, while we can only offer you a small sampling here, never fear! The full set comes with every C+L purchase made this summer, in a familiar form, because nothing says love like a mixtape. 

* Note to self - you will not need a cassette player to enjoy this mixtape.



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