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C+L Anthem Video Shoot Behind the Seams

by Priya Pappu |

A note from our founder + chief proprietor, Christopher:

"Storytelling is at the heart of the Clifton + Leopold brand. From the way we introduce products, to the postcards we include in every package, we want to create an experience that’s worth talking about. We also love the idea that every time you put on C + L, you’re writing your own story, adding a chapter or a memory that you’ll fondly look back upon & retell again & again. That’s why we wanted to not only create beautiful imagery but video content as well. Video & film is the perfect vehicle to share our story - the story of a wide array of people who happen to be in the same place at the same time and end up sharing a moment together. A moment they’re all better off for having."


We have some very exciting things in the works at C + L! And while we can't share them with you just yet, we're hoping some behind the scenes sneak peeks will be enough of a teaser to tide you over. We also asked some key creators to share their thoughts about the project.


From Kali Bailey, Director. 

"I was inspired by Clifton and Leopold’s product designs in the mixing of the old and the new, the classic and the modern. Music and sound were also important to Christopher, so I created an idea that centered around the shifting of music to create a sense of before and after energy once these characters realize the full potential of a normal day. 

Then enter Covid-19. The shoot pushed back from early April, to late April, to early May and then to early June. There was a lot of excitement on the day of the shoot that we were finally doing it! The team that Stout assembled are some of Nashville’s finest crew members, and I was so thrilled to be working with such rockstars and close friends. It’s hard to pick a single favorite shot, but one of my favorites was a big tracking shot of 'the Look' walking down the aisle and strutting to an upbeat song, that will ultimately be the master soundtrack for the video. We also did a shoot for socials in one of the unique, geometric bathroom mirrors that I loved. Cast was having a great time and that energy shows up so well on screen in those shots."


From Marisa McKay, Producer & Photographer

"It was such a pleasure to work with Clifton and Leopold on creating their video and photo content. I haven’t been on a set that was SO diverse, creative, and fun. The C+ L team created an opportunity for us to push the limits of our creativity and work with some amazing talent. Bonus was toasting with champagne at the end of the day. :-) So grateful to work with a brand like Clifton and Leopold."


From David McKay, Producer and Founder of Stout

"Being able to join a brand like Clifton and Leopold and be a part of telling their story is exactly why we get up every day and do what we do. We’re driven to live up to why we exist, and through this project, came together to create, craft and champion brave ideas and stories that win people’s hearts.  

Working with such a diverse, talented, and creative group of people on this is what brought the characters to life and created so much energy in everything that was filmed during production. The little touches, the last minute details dialed in, the collaboration, and unified goal all showed up throughout the day. 

All along the way, the creativity and goals felt completely natural and intuitive because C + L know who they are, and knew their ‘why’ so well. One of their mottos is “Live your best life.” and if this says anything, we hope it’s this, and that more people know they have that within themselves.

From start to finish this was truly a fantastic collaboration; the type where you know we have the best job in the world."


From Daniele Kimes, CEO Gold Glitter Creative

"Gold Glitter Creative was thrilled to partner with Clifton + Leopold on their go-to-market video and photography content. From the very beginning of the creative process, the focus was on how we best tell the C + L story. Clifton + Leopold is a diverse brand that empowers people to live their best life, it was essential that energy and perception was captured in all of the video and photography content. 

Film day was high energy and absolutely amazing. I loved being on set with so many talented, creative folks and it was magical to see the C + L story come to life. All the pieces of a brilliant and diverse cast, amazing production, spectacular set design and a stunning location were in place, which allowed us to capture a day of on brand, dynamic content. 

At Gold Glitter Creative, we always strive to partner with like-minded brands who have powerful stories to tell. That was the case with Clifton + Leopold. Their story, willingness to collaborate and the values the company was founded on made our partnership and the entire creative process so rewarding."


Stay tuned for what's coming soon. We can't keep it to ourselves much longer!

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