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Clifton + Leopold Pride Playlist

by Priya Pappu |

PRIDE month is just around the corner, but here at Clifton + Leopold, we're kicking things off a bit early. And what better way to do it than with a playlist of certified bops. 

The C + L team is made up of proud members of the LGBTQ+ family and fierce allies, united on one goal: creating beautiful products for dapper humans everywhere. We are committed to making our products more reflective of the world today - a world that's more diverse, fluid, and empowered. PRIDE month is the perfect chance for us to shout this goal from the mountaintops - alongside the dapper humans that embody that only you can define you. If we can play a tiny part in you living your best life this month, we'll be both honored and thrilled.

And though PRIDE celebrations may look a little different this year, we know it was never really about the parades or parties (though we will REALLY miss those.) It's always been about celebrating a community of amazing humans, who are making the world a better place; for them, and those they love...and oftentimes for people they haven't even met.

At the heart of every PRIDE event is music. So we asked the team to put together a little playlist. Now, it won't change the world...but it will change the next 55 minutes, especially if you get dappered up and dance. We'll be dancing proudly alongside you!


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