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Clifton + Leopold Launch Playlist

by Priya Pappu |

Maybe you heard we launched last Friday?! It was a celebratory day through and through. In the week leading up to launch day, we had *plenty* to get done, and needed some great tunes to keep us going. Here are the tracks that were on repeat at C+L HQ last week! 

We wanted to share our official launch playlist with you - in the event that you're celebrating something as well; whether it's the culmination of 18 months of work, or simply making it through this week. We're a big fan of celebrations of any kind! And don't worry, it's not our 5+ hour director's cut, it's a tight 53 minutes that will take you through Happy Hour and into the weekend ahead.

There's something for everyone on here - so kick up your heels, and have a dance party right in your kitchen. We hope you love it, and stay tuned for more playlists from the team here at Clifton + Leopold. And by the way - it's Nice to Meet Ya.



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