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#HowTheyDoDapper: Dennis Berry

by Priya Pappu |

Dennis wears the Coco bow

Everyone, meet Dennis! Our friendship with Dennis has only existed for a short time (and in fact, it was the fate of an Instagram giveaway that introduced us!) However, in that short time, we have been so encouraged by him. To say Dennis radiates positivity may be an understatement - it explodes out of him! 

If you don't believe us, take a look at our interview with him below:


Name:  Dennis Berry, He/Him/His
Find them looking dapper in:  Suburbs of Detroit, Farmington Hills.
Tell us a little bit about the story you're writing in your Clifton + Leopold? 
Being a Certified Men's Style Consultant for a Men's Clothier is a dream come true. You know the old saying, "When you can get paid for something you'd do for FREE... you're the luckiest person in the world!"
Complete this sentence. I love the C + L ____________ because _____________ . 
I love the C+L Coco bow because of the AMAZING compliments and feedback from people whenever I've worn it! Being around professionals on a daily basis, people other than me immediately see the craftsmanship and quality of the fabric, and that's saying a LOT!!
What is atop your C + L wishlist? 
More geometric patterns, and hues of green. [Dennis - can we recommend the Florentino bow, Icarus tie, Hers pocket, or Vega bow?
It's a Saturday! What are you doing? 
Going to the kitchen to make my favorite, pancakes with scrambled eggs and turkey sausage. Then have a pajamas day binge-watching my programming on Fire Stick TV..!
Your Ultimate Dapper Icon:
Nucky Thompson from "Boardwalk Empire", or Harvey Specter from "Suits"
It's quitting time on any given day. What are you sipping on? 
A cold Ice Mountain bottled water, or a San Pelligrino sparkling water.
A dance party is not complete without: 
ANYTHING by James Brown! Godfather of Soul!
Tell us, Dennis, what makes you feel dapper? 
Putting on that Perfectly Fitted Suit, and getting that dimple in my necktie knot "just right".
Where can we find you on the internet? 
- Instagram: @dennisberry559


Thank you, Dennis! Both for being an undeniable source of good in this world, and sharing your dapper style with us on the reg! Your very kind words about the Coco make us blush (the oversized bow might be our favorite trend in the C+L collection currently.) 

Dennis was also kind enough to extend an invitation for an Instagram Live discussion - TONIGHT, Tuesday 12/8 at 8pm CST. Tune in to meet us and learn a bit behind the "seams" of Clifton+Leopold. See you there!

Keep following along for more #HowTheyDoDapper! Want to be featured here? Email us:

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