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#HowTheyDoDapper: Diane + Helene

by Priya Pappu |

Diane + Helene are some of our favorite people here at C+L HQ! Not only are they a fun hang, they've been huge supporters of C+L since Day 1, in a variety of ways. Including: lending us their beautiful faces & dapper style for our C+L launch shoot and Re-Emergence shoot.

Helene wears the Stare twilly, the Expectation twilly (on bag) and the Georgia mask

Diane wears the Broadway bow.

So it was totally believable when we reached out to them about a new "C+L Couples" feature we were doing - would they be interested in a photo shoot + interview? Of course they would! They met us at Printer's Alley in downtown Nashville on a sunny afternoon in May...but there was one catch: the whole thing was orchestrated by Diane as a ruse to propose to Helene! 

[All photos below by Tia K Photo]

Helene wears the Dawn twilly, Diane wears the Chevy bow and Ardor pocket

We had to share this story because first of all, how fun, but also - this was one of those moments where we truly had to just bask in this incredible community. The fact that our little business could play a small part in the start of forever for these two amazing humans is such an honor. That is the magic that we stand for. 

Everyone needs to meet these two - so keep reading to get acquainted! 


Meet Diane + Helene! Here's #HowTheyDoDapper.

Pronouns: She/her (both)

Find you looking dapper in: Nashville TN

Complete this sentence: We love the C + L:

Messaging, because they're dreamy and inspiring.

What is currently atop your C + L wishlist?
Helene - I love that Outlaw kerchief! I hope it makes a come back bc it's sold out!
Diane -  Needing that Chrysalis tie.

It's a Saturday! What are you doing?

Packing up the cooler and our little Chihuahua and headed out to the lake.

Your ultimate dapper icon: John Legend

It's quitting time on any given day. What are you sipping on?

Titos and soda for Diane and a buttery chard for Helene.

A dance party is not complete without (song or artist):

Kitchen dance parties and The Spinners - I'll be around go hand and hand.

Tell us, what makes you feel dapper?

A nice fresh haircut.

Can you share a favorite Pride memory, what you're looking forward to most this month, or what Pride means to you?

We met during pride month 6 years ago. We look forward to spending this month together as a newly engaged couple with exciting things ahead.

Where can we find you on the internet?

IG: DSweets85 , FB: Lola Borrilez


Congratulations Diane + Helene! We love you both and are so excited for your lives together. Thank you for being an integral part of the C+L community! 

We will be featuring LGBTQ+ members of our C+L community for a special Pride edition of #HowTheyDoDapper all month long. Check back next Saturday for our next installment! 

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