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Introducing Our Shine Bright Holiday Capsule

by Priya Pappu |

Shine Bright

Clifton+Leopold Holidays 2021 

Our Spring collection was all about Re-emerging and finding your new place in the world. This Holiday Collection is about what you do when you get there – you shine.

We are obsessed with the metaphoric power of light, the mutual benefit that shining bright gives both you and the people around you, and the natural connection light has to the holiday season.

The holidays come at the darkest and coldest time of year for us here in the northern hemisphere. Regardless if it’s a string of bulbs strewn over a branch or the third candle flickering on a menorah, the light brings with it a rekindled awareness, warmth to the heart, and a blaze that boldly shines hope into the year ahead. 

This year we wish you a season full of light and love. We also wish you a season where you are more aware of your  light and the ability to share it with others because we're all living for it.  

Re-emergence was anchored in the idea of stepping into the new. This Shine Bright collection is all about looking back and reshaping.

So that’s what we did.

We worked with a team of experts to rethink classics and make them our own. We pulled back and leaned heavily into solids, historic cuts, and rich traditional fabrics. In the process, we rediscovered what we have always loved about jewel tones.

Pretty quickly we realized our inspiration sat boldly in a New York holiday circa1978, and we hope you find a little of that magic here as well.

Most important, we hope you find something you love and something that makes you want to shine.

So, cheers to the end of another year and a bright new future.

Shine bright baby . . . and always remember you are a dapper diamond!

-Team Clifton+Leopold


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