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A Re-Defined Mix

by Priya Pappu |

May 1st marked our two-year anniversary and the launch of our latest collection capsule, Re-Define. We were excited for obvious reasons and if your response and encouragement are any indication, you too found yourself ready for a summer filled with a little Re-defining.

A good playlist in the background is a constant at C+L Headquarters. Playlists are simply part of our DNA.

And if we’re honest, we all get a little giddy with excitement waiting to see what our friend and playlist guru is going to put together with each new collection. The anticipation for this one was palpable. The idea of Re-Defining can feel big and abstract, but this playlist reminds us that it’s constant, that it’s happening all around us, because of us, and to us. The world doesn’t stop, and neither should we.


Car Radio


From the opening track Choreomania we’re warned that “something is coming” to the final melancholic lure of Purple Haze where we’re reminded “love is all we need to survive” this playlist truly is a journey worth taking.

And like all good journeys the scenery is constantly changing. Perhaps the most eclectic and broad reaching of our playlists, Re-Define had us excited to see what was waiting around the next corner. Not afraid to take a side road every now-and-then or to stop and chill for a moment, when we did reach the end of the final track hitting ‘repeat’ felt like the only viable option.

Here's what the creator had to say about it, “Here’s what I came up with and thinking it is a pretty interesting mix. All the songs are new and have been released since January with the majority in the last month. The diversity of music is huge and includes Alternative, Pop, Post Punk, R&B, Folk, Electronic, Funk Blues, and Latin/Reggaeton. I also wanted to include a diverse group of artists from different backgrounds and areas of the world and that feels good. I think beyond the story, the thing that pulls them all together is the quality of each piece. Hopefully others will feel the same.”

And with that said, this playlist is yours for whatever the summer months bring. We certainly wish you well on the journey. We also wish for you a summer full of Re-defining, with more joy than you can imagine and more love than your heart can handle.

Stay dapper dear friend! 

- Team Clifton+Leopold



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