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#HowTheyDoDapper: Meet the Models Edition - Christian!

by Priya Pappu |

Christian wears the Pathos twilly.

Christian wears the Escape bow.

Christian wears the Branding tie and the Chelsea pocket.

Christian wears the Lingua tiethe Notice tie, and the Branding tie.

Christian wears the Notice tie.

If we've said it once, we've said it a million times: C+L is as much to us about creating gorgeous products (that we enjoy wearing as well) as it is about the incredible community we've come to find through it. Christian is case in point. We were connected to him through the creative community in Nashville and when we asked if he'd be interested in modeling for the Re-Define collection, he was game.

Christian is a creative force to be reckoned with - an actor, writer, style superstar (we *see* those looks on Insta!), oh, and do you love how he casually dropped that he is a Civil Engineer as well? If you spend any time at all with Christian, you'll instantly feel at ease with his warm and genuine presence. Not to mention, killer smile. 

Keep reading to learn more about our brilliant friend, Christian!


Name, pronouns: Christian Juru, he/him

Find me looking dapper in:  I live in Nashville, TN (Brentwood area) -- I'm originally from the DRCongo. 
Tell us a little bit about the story that you're writing in your C+L?  Through my feature in C+L, I'm hoping to tell a visual story that's fun, diversified, classy but also trendy, and forward-thinking. 
What piece from the Re-Define collection is at the top of your list?  The wrist bandana that I wore with the Brunch look and the flower tie that I wore with the Professional look. I'll definitely want those! [Stand + Lingua]
What is your favorite part of the Spring season?  My birthday is in the Spring so that's already one good thing about the season, haha. Spring is the blooming season so the season energizes me and I become more productive in my endeavors (filming, travels, hanging out,...). I also like the breeze that comes with Spring. Perfect weather for a scarf and less heavy clothes!  
Any fun memories from the shoot day that you can share?  I had a blast during the photoshoot. It was my first time meeting everyone there (Christopher, Libby, Daniel, Daniele, and Rachel). I quickly felt so comfortable with everyone. Rachel made us a few different drinks for the so I was casually sipping throughout the whole shoot! At the end, we toasted with champagne and Christopher shared some meaningful stories about C+L and how he came to meet and work with everyone.  
What are your tips for looking fabulous in photos (clearly, you have it down!)  Being comfortable in your own skin. If you're not comfortable or you feel uneasy, it'll most likely show in the pictures, in your eyes, in your pose. So, take a few minutes to find the inner fierceness inside you and let it show through your eyes and your expressions. Also, just have FUN!! The photographer will direct and guide you. From there, you can PLAY with different angles and just remember to have fun.  
When you're not modeling, what are you up to?  A LOT! I'm a creative person. I act and I write. I also direct and edit. I'm also a Civil Engineer. I like to read, travel, workout, and go fly my drone. Haha! So, I have plenty to keep me busy :)
How are you Re-defining yourself in 2022? I'm Re-defining myself in 2022 by being bolder and stepping up to the personal challenges that held me back in the past. I'm taking time to do some self assessment and focusing on the things that bring me joy. 
Where can we find you on the internet?  Instagram: @c.juru / Vimeo: Christian Juru

Christian, thank you for being a part of Re-Define and now, forever, the C+L community. We can't wait to see where your creative endeavors take you, because we know it's somewhere great!

Also not sleep on the tips our fabulous models have shared for looking great in photos - it's advice they are qualified to give, look at these photos! We love what Christian said about feeling comfortable in your own skin. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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