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Think Small This Holiday Season

by Priya Pappu |

America's small business community is anything but small. In fact, there are over 30.7 million small to mid-sized businesses in the US, providing 1.5 million jobs and driving roughly 90% of the economy. (Salesforce 2019)

We're proud to be counted in these numbers and to do our part. That's why we manufacture all of our apparel and candles here in the United States . . . because it matters. It matters to us, it matters to the artisans we work with, and we're pretty confident it matters to you as well.

This holiday season we want to remind you to think small! So we compiled a list (oh how we love a list) of several ways you can support not only us but all the small businesses you love. 



Follow  + Engage 

Share on Social

Follow, like, comment and most importantly, share their content. When you do, you help empower the algorithm and ensure that more people will see their posts. It's also encouraging to the folks behind the brand to see the audience grow and engage. ,Tis the season to share the love, after all. 



Make Some Introductions



If you like their products, it is likely your friends will too (you are a trendsetter, after all). Sharing your latest obsession both in social and the "real world" helps introduce the brand to folks who may not know about them otherwise. So go ahead and be noisy! No one will be mad at you.



Share A Piece Of Your Mind



Customer reviews and third-party validation are key drivers for first time purchases. This is where you come in - write a review on the website, post pictures on social, and don't forget to tag them and use their #hashtags. 



Buy A Gift (Or Two)



40% of retailer's sales happen between Thanksgiving and New Years. This year those sales are more important than ever. So when making your gift giving plans, think small (business that is). The gifts will be bespoke and unique, and the money you spend is more likely to stay in the community, increasing its impact. So check that list twice and then load up your cart. 

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