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Behind The Seams - Holiday 2022

by Priya Pappu |

We are thrilled to introduce our 2022 Holiday Capsule - Deco the Halls.

If you've spent any time with Clifton+Leopold, our love of the Art Deco period and the fashion it inspired comes as no surprise. 

We are fond of the bold prints (many of which show up in our branding and products), the taboo expectations the period challenged (like the ability for a women to be dapper), and the fact that more than any other period, the Art Deco age really was about transitions - the transition of norms, expectations, and much like the end of the year, the possibility of the impossible. 

It's for these very reasons we decided to build our 2022 Holiday Capsule using Art Deco inspired patterns and design. 

At first glance, the thing likely to strike you the most is the lack of color (especially from us). This was by choice. 

The holidays are filled with so much color, and although we believe in "showing up to show out", sometimes quiet sophistication is exactly what a party needs. Let the tree have its own moment. 

Our desire is that when you take a second or third glance, you find pieces that will stand the test of time.  

Silver is a theme for us this year along with small pops of deep, rich, and regal cranberry (a color palette we'll bring to life in the limited edition holiday candle we'll introduce this season). 

These pieces are meant to not only serve you well at a holiday party, but also your New Year's toast (and kiss), and most importantly, well into the brilliant year ahead. 

We designed these pieces with Timeless Sophistication in mind. The capsule is small intentionally. We wanted to offer you 5 or 6 pieces that you can wear together. We also wanted to create pieces that encourage you to leave one or two behind - because nothing says "looking ahead and charting my path" like a perfectly asunder bow tie or scarf on the dance floor at the end of a well lived evening. 

Oh the story those pieces will tell.

Opa to the holidays, all the joy they bring, and the not so subtle reminder that this next year will be better. And let us not forget that we all have another trip around the sun to make our mark. 

Próst to you! You make all the above possible for us here at Clifton+Leopold. Your love of the brand is palpable, and as a small business full of people with a can-do spirit, we can't thank you enough. 

Now go out there and make this holiday season more than you can even imagine in this moment. Let that contagious joy seep through everything you do (you never know who might need it). Most importantly, take a moment in the mirror to remind yourself how wonderfully brilliant you are, and know that as you walk into the new year, we are behind you cheering all the way. 


- Team Clifton+Leopold

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