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#HowTheyDoDapper: LP Poglitsch

by Priya Pappu |

LP wears the David tie.

Meet LP. LP has been a part of the Clifton + Leopold family since day one, and we knew they had to be our first feature for the #HowTheyDoDapper series. LP, thanks for being a champion of the brand, for always looking so damn dapper, and empowering others to do the same. Read on to learn more about LP! 


Name: LP Poglitsch, they/them
Find them looking dapper in: Nashville, TN
Tell us a little bit about the story you're writing in your Clifton + Leopold?
The story I am writing in my Clifton + Leopold is all about queer and non-binary empowerment. I strive to live my life as authentically and "out" as possible in hopes that it inspires other queer and trans folks. I hope that my dapper looks embolden folks to wear the clothes that they want to wear. Clothes are clothes- wear whatever makes you feel the most "you". You don't have to be limited by societal gender binaries and constructs. My Clifton + Leopold ties combined with a sharp suit make me feel bold, armored, and ready to take on the world.
Complete this sentence. I love the C + L ____________ because _____________ . 
I love the C + L ties because of the beautiful colors/patterns (especially the floral ties), and because they are offered in shorter lengths which fit my smaller frame way better than a standard tie!
What is atop your C + L wishlist? Vodka and Last Kiss are definitely at the top of my wishlist!
It's a Saturday! What are you doing? 
I am usually at home with my wife and four cats. We typically cook a delicious meal and catch up on our tv shows or play a board game. If it's a date night, we are out grabbing some cocktails in East Nashville and then heading over to hear the Nashville Symphony perform.
Your ultimate dapper icon:  Casey Legler- in 2012 she was the first woman signed to Ford Models to exclusively model men's clothes.
It's quitting time on any given day. What are you sipping on? 
It almost always is bourbon/whiskey. Typically it is either bourbon (served neat), an old fashioned, or a sazerac!
A dance party is not complete without:  LP! The musician...not me.
Tell us, LP, what makes you feel dapper? 
What makes me feel the most dapper is rocking a custom suit that I designed paired with perfectly styled accessories (tie, pocket square, lapel pin, watch or pocket watch, and sometimes a stellar hat). I am all about queering "menswear" and love styling new outfits and taking them out on the town...or at home #quarantinelife
Where can we find you on the internet? @queerlydapper on Instagram


Thanks again, LP! We love the Vodka tie and LP, the musician (and you!) as well. Be sure to follow along with LP @queerlydapper on Instagram, and stay tuned for more #HowTheyDoDapper. 

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